Certified Asphalt Technician Levels I, II & III

Level I Certification and Testing
Jan. 22 / Mon. 9:00-5:00
Jan. 23 / Tue. 8:00-5:00
Jan. 24 / Wed. 8:00-12:00

Level I Recertification 
Jan. 24 / Wed. 8:00-12:00 (no lunch provided)

Level II Certification and Testing 
Jan. 24 / Wed. 1:00-5:00
Jan. 25 / Thurs. 8:00-5:00
Jan. 26 / Fri. 8:00-12:00

Level II Recertification 
Jan. 26 / Fri. 8:00-12:00(no lunch provided)

Level III Certification and Training
Feb. 12 / Mon. 9:00-5:00
Feb. 13-15 / Tue.-Thurs. 8:00-5:00
Feb. 16 / Fri. 8:00-12:00 (no lunch provided)

Level III Recertification 
Feb. 27 /Tues. 8:00-12:00(no lunch provided)

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 Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc. /Phone 601-856-2332
 Classes to be held at McGowan Center at Holmes Community College, Ridgeland, MS
Instructor Randy Ahlrich, Ph.D., P.E
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Registration Forms must be received by MAPA no later than January 5, 2018. Each person is responsible for making his/her own room reservations.

Important - People attending for recertification examinations are welcome and encouraged to attend the review portion of that class the day before taking the exam.

Non-MAPA Members: fees must be received prior to start of class.